Best App for Making Videos with Photos

Most of us capture photos on special occasions. And view them often to recollect beautiful memories. Further, some of us think to make videos with photos by adding effects, music to make it more special. In the same way, you do not need a professional video editor to make videos with photos. Instead you can use the best app which lets you make videos with photos easily.

In addition, you can send the special video created with photos to anyone and make them feel more special. Likewise, we need to download software or app on PC, Laptop or any other device, using which you want to make videos or slide show.

Further, let’s discuss about the best App along with features which helps us to make videos using photos:

The Best App to Make Videos using Photos:

Firstly, we have listed the top 3 Apps below, based on their features, user interface and video quality. After reading you will be able to find the best app for making Videos with Photos. In fact, with these key components, we also need to consider the price of software or application. Unless you need to work with these apps regularly, we recommend not to purchase them for single or one time use. Instead you can use Free Apps which allow you to make Videos, however limit with its features and tools.

In addition, the other way of using these video making apps without compromising on features and tools is choosing the free trial. Free trial will allow you to use all of its tools but adds a water mark as their advertisement on final video. Besides, these free trials are limited by certain time period or by its features.

Above all, let’s discuss about both Free and trial Apps with their features. In the same way, for regular use, you can even buy the software from the same provided links:

movavi Slide Show:

To begin with, movavi provides different software packages related to Videos, Photos, PDF and Screen recording. It supports two major platforms as Windows and mac OS and has limited applications for Android and iOS. movavi Slide show maker provides both Free and Paid versions for Windows and mac OS systems.

Download – You can easily download the software on your laptop or PC by clicking here, which will further, take you to the movavi Slide show maker download page.


User Interface: movavi has best user interface with easily accessible tools. Besides, it lets you create slide show with step by step process as selecting photos or media, adding transition effects and music.

click on next after each selection

Transition: movavi provides hundred’s of transition templates by categories as Holidays, Nature, artistic, music and many more. Further, you can download more transitions from the library.

Add Transition effects

Music: In particular, using movavi you can access files from device drive and add your favorite music to create slide show. It also has huge music library which allows you to add or edit directly from editor section.

Add music to your slides

A Free version of Movavi provides you the limited edit features. However, the paid version will allow you to manual edit each and every photo by adding timeline, effects, clip arts and transitions.

Further, before purchasing movavi Slide show maker, you can access all these paid version tools by free trial. In the same way, Free trial will be for 7 days, which allow you to use advanced tools but with water mark on the produced video.

Magix Photostory:

Generally, Magic Photostory comes with the animation options and supports only Windows platform. Likewise, it provides different packages as video editors, music and photo and design tools. Magix Photo story allows you directly to edit photos, set contrast, crop and adjust to match with the template. In addition, you can create own animations and add it to make videos.

Download: Before you buy the Magix Photostory software you can use trial version and access all tools. To download free or paid version click here. Further, it will take you to Magix download page.


User Interface: After installation of Magix you can manually select project features as resolution, manual edit and more. Magix User interface is divided as editor and files drive. Using the divided screen you can drag and drop images directly to editor instead of navigating all over the folders on your device.

Select photos directly from Magix

Text: Magix provides different text styles with effects. You can customize your slide show by adding different text to each photo or beginning and ending effects.

Select Text Styles

Effects: Magix Photostory provides advanced options. Besides, It has Image optimization, animation, 360 degree, 3D effects and other audio effects. You do not need to compromise on tools using Magix.

Add Categorized effects

Transitions: Above all, Magix provides basic transitions, which are further divided by categories as movie looks, design, comic and more. Using time line feature you can manage the transition and photos view time.

Select Transitions

Above all, using Magix Photostory you can add music from the default collection and from the drive. It allows you to export video or directly save to the CD or DVD disc. Using 30 day Free trial you can create amazing videos with photos and unlimited effects.

Smart Show 3D:

Smart Show 3D provides professional slide show options. Moreover, using default categories of templates you can create any video with photos as Birthday celebration, Family occasion, Wedding Anniversary and many more. Likewise, Magix Photostory you can directly access driver files from the Smart Show Application. Further, it helps easy replace of photos during edit.

Download: You can easily download the free version of smart Show 3D by clicking here. Thus, you will be taken to Smart show 3D download page.


User Interface: Smart Show has unique and 3D artistic interface. Besides, With drag and drop you can directly add or remove photos from editor.

Smart Show Interface

Animation Effects: Further, Smart show provides huge collection of animation effects as motion, 3D, nature and complex. In the same way, with Random Effects option you will be able to add different animations to each photo instead of manual selection.

Select Different animations

Transitions: Likewise, Animation effects, Smart Show also provides different transitions. As these transition are categorized, it will be easy to add based on user requirement. In the same way, Random Transition will automatically add different effects to each photo.

Select Transitions

Music: Using Smart Show 3D you can access 200 plus Music files and also from the drive. Further, Smart show Music collection is divided into many categories as Tempo, time and Genre.

Music Collection

Above all, after making Videos with Photos, Smart Show application will display three options as Video to view on Computer, mobiles, tablets or any other devices. Secondly to save on DVD, and finally upload directly using Internet. Based on the requirement, you can directly export video to DVD or upload online.

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