Best Instagram Account Ideas and Tools

Instagram has become the most famous social medium to share photos, videos and much more. From this article of Instagram Account Ideas you will get to know, how to use Instagram as a pro and about tools and tricks which are useful to download the content from Instagram app to local storage.

Firstly, why we need these Instagram account ideas and tools? More than 1 Billion people use Instagram daily to follow or to get followed by others. And to share photos, Videos and other media. Below ideas will reveal of hidden features of Instagram and about some useful tools and tricks.

8 Best Instagram Account Ideas and Tools

These Instagram Ideas and tools will help you make your Instagram account more unique. And the Tools for Better use and to download the media.

How to Change the Font In Instagram?

Instagram does not provide any styles or formats directly to edit the content for Posts, Story’s or user profile. An idea of making my profile unique, further made me to search whether is there any possibility to change the font in Instagram. And meanwhile, here what we found, Yes – there is a great possibility to change styles and formats. There are several third party tools which allows you to change the format and font.

Apps-Monkey does not leave any chance to Analyze from different aspects. Before using any font generator tools, we tried to copy paste different fonts from Microsoft tools (Word, PowerPoint). Surprisingly, Instagram did not support those font formats. Finally we decided to share this knowledge to you. To clarify Font generator tools as site lets you type the text and choose different styles. In addition, copy and paste the text from tool to Instagram and make your Instagram account look unique.

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How to Download the Instagram Story?

When we see some one posted interesting story on their Instagram profile, And we want to re-post it on our own profile. But how to do? is the question from most of the users. So we did some research around it and found two easy ways. One is through App, whether you are an Android user or Ios (Iphone) there is an app called “Story Save for Instagram” from InShot Inc. Download this app from Google play or App Store.

In other words it is a plugin for Instagram which lets you download highlights, Igtv content and stories posted by users. Login using your Instagram account, the UI you see is same as Instagram but the options are quite different from actual app. You could see all the Followers and their stories posted. Meanwhile by clicking download button, you will be able to save it on cloud and selecting re-post or Share option will let you post through your actual Instagram account.

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The other way of saving Instagram story is through online. If you do not want to download app, there are many sites which lets you download and re-post the same. But the only difference is you could save them as images, if the story is a video then we need an Instagram video download app. Go to Story Saver site and search for the User by providing name and then the specific story posted will be displayed. Click on download and save it to your local and post or upload as your story.

How to Use Instagram from PC?

Instagram is basically designed as Mobile app. However, there are some limitations for using it from any other devices. From this article you will learn how to use Instagram from PC, certainly using some tricks and tools. Moreover you can access your Instagram account from PC. But it does not allow you to post anything. To over come this limitation, we need to use Chrome Browser. Firstly, login to your Instagram account from Chrome, to post any thing you need to go settings – More Tools and click on developer tools. Then you will see the Html script of you Instagram page.

Secondly, clicking on device icon on console bar will let you view the page on phone mode. Then refresh by clicking on F5 button. Then you will be able to upload posts and will be able to use your Instagram same as on your mobile.

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How to Create Group chats in Instagram?

Like WhatsApp and Facebook – Instagram does not have specific feature to create group chats and add participants. Therefore the simple and easy way to create group chat in Instagram is sending messages to multiple users at a time. In other words, you will be able to send one particular message to multiple users by clicking on send icon and selecting recipients. Thus the group chat is created, now you could change the name of the group which is created on participants name list.

Once your group chat is created you can access it by the group name same as WhatsApp and Facebook. You can mute the conversations and give approvals to join or add new participants.

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How to Access Multiple Instagram Accounts?

Instagram is one of the most user friendly app, which lets you add multiple accounts and access them just by one click. Most of the users have Instagram account, This is not about creating fake accounts, This post is to help people who has Instagram as Business account, whether Blogger, You Tuber or any other Business professionals, who created a separate official account to promote business. It is not as difficult to access multiple accounts likewise to other social media accounts. To sum up it does not even ask for Login to change accounts. By single click you will be able to access multiple accounts. Go to Settings and under logins options click on Add account.

After adding the account click on you Profile icon and select newly added account. This is so simple, whenever you need to access any account there is no need to input user credentials to login.

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How to Download Instagram Videos?

Straight to the point – to Download videos from any Social medium as Facebook, YouTube or if it is Instagram we need third party tools. To clarify these Platforms does not support to download any content directly to local. However, there are many apps and online sites which lets us to download Images, Videos or other content. Like we discussed on Saving Instagram Story, Similarly we can download videos from Instagram using App or from Online site.

Firstly, we will discuss about App which is “Video Downloader for Instagram” by Inshot Inc. Copy and paste the URL of your selected video and click on download. Further, It provides options to re-post or share, Using this app you will be able to download videos and IGTV content to local storage.

Secondly, using Online site. Go to Download Instagram Videos site. Copy the URL from Instagram app and paste it in the Video link box and click download. This is the best way if you do not want to download the app.

How to convert Instagram Media to Mp3 or Audio?

Using online converter sites as 4ins you can easily convert any video or Mp4 into Audio file. In addition Copy the URL of the video from Instagram and paste it in online converter link box and click on submit. Select to convert mp3, these online converter will let you change the file type from Mp4 to Mp3 and by clicking on download button, you will be able to save it to local storage.

How to Share Media on Instagram with one Click?

This Tool will help you to use Instagram as a pro. When we see any image or video and want to post them on Instagram. First we need to download the content from web, then will be able to post. Using Chrome Extension makes it very easy, what ever media we see on any website just by clicking on Instagram extension enabled on chrome. You will be able to download and re-post it just by one click.

Just by one click on icon, you will automatically logged into your Instagram account. It provides different options to download the videos and you can enable auto mini player, which lets you multi task.


In Conclusion we found these Instagram Ideas, hope this article it useful. Meanwhile if you find any other Ideas or tools for Instagram. Please comment us below.

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