Best Photo Editor Apps for Android

While buying a Mobile phone most of us are majorly concerned about camera. As the best mega pixel camera will let you capture beautiful and high quality photos. Though, we take quality photos from high mega pixels mobile camera. Most of times we may need to edit photos before uploading or posting on social platform. In this article you will see the 5 Best Photo editor apps which you can download on your Android device for free.

In addition, you don’t need to be a professional to edit photos. There are multiple Photo editor apps which lets you to edit photos captured from your Android mobile as a pro.

5 Best Photo Editor Apps for Android:

Firstly, there are hundreds of photo editor Apps for Android which lets you edit photos from basic to advance level. But many of us confuse which one to use and also about the editing tools.

Moreover, a professional photographer use a licensed software as Adobe Photoshop or other editor apps to edit a photo into masterpiece. Further, We have tried multiple Editor apps on Android device and providing experience as a review in this post. However, As a user you are the best person to decide which app works for you based on your requirement.

Further, Let’s see the 5 best photo editor Apps which you can download easily from Google Play store:

Google Photos:

Google Photo Editor

Google Photos is most popular app used to view photos or as gallery and also to save photos as a backup. In Addition, using Google photos anyone can directly edit photos captured from mobile camera. It has best interface with editing tools which lets anyone to use easily. Certainly, you can share the edited photo to different social platforms directly.

Google Photos Editing App


Auto Filters – Auto filter is the best feature of Google Photos, which helps you to adjust background light and brightness automatically. In addition, Google Photos provides 12 other filter options which you can try based on your choice.

Correction Tools – In addition to filters, there are separate settings for Light and Color adjustments. Likewise, you can manage Exposure, Contrast, Shadows, Saturation and many more.

Crop – Every Editing App provides image cropping feature. Likewise Google Photos also has Crop options with rotational degree’s, based on the aspect ratio you can adjust or crop photos.

Text – Further, you can add Text and highlight your photos using color sketches.

Above all, Google Photos provides Extension feature which lets you to connect other editor apps. You can switch to other photo editor app while editing on Google photos.


Snapseed App

Snapseed provides best quality photo edits with 29 Advanced Tools and different filters. In the same way, using Snapseed you can edit any photo as a professional editor. It is developed by Google and a free App which can be downloaded from Play store easily. Further, it supports JPG and PNG image formats, and also allows you to reset image size based on pixels.

For Instance, while submitting online Application, most of the sites ask for compression of image. Moreover, using Snapseed you can easily reduce image size without losing quality.

Snapseed Photo Editor App by Google


Filters – Snapseed provides 11 different filters as Portrait, smooth, Pop, Accentuate, Fade Glow and others.

Professional Tools – Snapseed has advanced photo editor tools. Moreover, You can do professional quality editing for all your photos easily.

Major Tools – In addition, Tune Image (Brightness), Details (Structure), Curves, Crop, Perspective rotation, Healing, Brush, Portrait, Noir, Tonal Contrast are the major tools. In the same way, you can add Text and basic frames to your photos .

Above all, using Snapseed you can share the edited photo directly to different platforms. And also export by adjusting Size and Quality of photo.

Adobe Photoshop Express:

Adobe Photo Editor App

Adobe Photoshop is the most popular photo editing software used by millions of professionals. Although, Adobe has developed a mobile version of its photo editor software as Photoshop Express for Android users.

Moreover, Using Photoshop Express you can edit photos without compromising on quality and tools. Besides, You can download the Express app from Google Play store and create an account and sign in using Google or Facebook account id. Further, using your adobe account you can login to Photoshop express from any device.

Photoshop Express Editor


Filters – Firstly, Adobe Photoshop Express provides hundreds of Filters, which lets make custom adjustments and control tone, brightness and Contrast.

Effects – In the same way, Its Beta feature will allow you to add special effects as Light leaks, Raindrops, Papers and many more.

Crop – Compared to other Photo Editor Apps, Photoshop Express provides multiple Crop settings. Similarly, it has all Social crop features as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Kindle and many other.

Color Correction – Further, using Color correction options you can adjust photo colors and add new colors to your photo easily. Moreover, there are many other features as Red eye, Healing and PET eye to edit your photo with professional quality.

In the same way, you can add different Texts, Clip arts and Frames using Photoshop Express.

Adobe Lightroom:
Adobe Lightroom

Likewise Photoshop Express, Adobe Lightroom lets you to edit photos and also you can mange your photos easily. In addition, using Lightroom you can achieve Professional photo editing with presets, filters and unlimited Customized options. Further, you can capture photos and organize them in Lightroom.

Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor App


Library – Using Lightroom app you can create custom Library to your Photos and save them on cloud storage.

Camera – Likewise Photoshop Express, you can access Lightroom from any device just by logging in with google or Adobe ID. In addition, Lightroom provides Camera apart from editor tools. You can directly adjust the photos with camera tools before capturing.

Manage Gallery – Lightroom let’s you to organize and manage your gallery. Further, there is a drawback with Lightroom app is You can only use selective tools to edit and there is a restriction on using some professional tools. Unless you subscribe to premium account you will not be able to use specific tools.

Photo Lab Picture Editor:
Photo Lab App

Photo Lab app is more than a photo editor and provides the best platform to customize photos. Unlike other photo editor apps, Photo lab has different templates using which you can modify any photo into a candid picture. If you want to post photos with different styles then Photo Lab is the the most recommended App.

Photo Lab has hundred’s of categories and it also support Gif format. Further, you can create Gif’s using your photos easily.

Photo Lab Editor


Filter and Frames – Firstly, Photo Lab provides different filters, frames, effects and Collages to make your photo more creative without using a professional editor.

Effects – Using different effects you will be able to turn your photos into realistic and natural pictures with best quality.

Collages – You do not need to download separate App to create Collage. Moreover, Photo lab provides different Collage options and let you add edited photo directly to Collage maker.

Photo Montages – Using Photo Lab you can swap photo into other pictures. In addition, it has automatic face detection which will create any unusual photo into a masterpiece.

Further, You Can download above 5 Best Editor Apps from Play store for Free.

Above all, As a user you are the best person to decide which Photo Editor works for you based on the features discussed and your requirements.

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