How to Add Extensions in Chrome? Chrome Extensions

How to Add Extensions in Chrome? Firstly, Chrome is one of the most popular browsers and developed by Google. Certainly, It supports multiple platforms as Windows, mac OS, iOS, Android and Linux. It has user friendly interface and with the quick browsing features. Secondly, Using Chrome anyone can access variety of tools or apps easily and quickly just by adding them as Extensions.

Further, Lets see what are Extensions? Most of the Tools or Applications from different sources have their extended functionalities created, to make use as Browser plugins or Add-ons. Moreover, they let user to interact with their tools while browsing just by a click. Therefore, Adding Extensions to Chrome or any browser will improve browser capability and user experience.

Adding Extensions in Chrome:

Most of the browsers allow third party tools or applications to integrate as Extensions to improve browsing experience. Similarly, Google Chrome provides these tools to integrate with certain terms and policies. above all, Chrome Web Store is the place from where we can add Plugins, apps and themes to the browser. You can find both free and paid versions which helps to install based on user requirement.

Step 1. Go to Chrome Web Store and search for the extension or app you want to add in Chrome or subsequently check out for different extensions from categories section.

Chrome Web Store Extension Search

Step 2. After searching the required tool in extensions. click on Add to Chrome button, which will further let you to add as an extension.

Click on Add to Chrome

Steps 3. Click on Add extension and it will download the tool in Chrome browser.

Click on Add Extension

Enabling Downloaded Extension in Chrome:

Enabling an Extension in Chrome will allow you to access the tools or apps while browsing. After downloading the plugin or Extension from Chrome Web Store, Subsequently we need to enable by Clicking on Customize and Control Google Chrome icon (3 dots). Then click on More tools and click on Extensions option. Further, it will direct you to Extension page where all downloaded Plugins, add-ons are displayed to add.

Enable Extension in Chrome

In Addition, Click on enable Button for specific plugin, which also adds the Extensions Icon beside search bar. Further, By clicking on Extension icon, you can easily pin or unpin the tool Add-ons for quick access. After adding or enabling the Extension you could be able to enhance the browser features and access from all tabs or windows opened.

Extension Added

Managing Extensions:

Most importantly, Managing Extensions is necessary while working with Personal sites as no one would like to allow any third party tools on a secured page. For Instance if we are logged in to a banking site from Chrome and does not want any potential data loss or security breach. In such cases, managing Extensions is life saving. By doing so, we are not removing the extensions in Chrome, but temporarily disabling them for most secured and protected access. Moreover, Google will never allow these malicious tools to damage user data. However, As a User we can assume how risky is accessing these tools from any Personal sites which could cause huge loss.

To Temporarily disable extensions – Click on Extensions Icon and Manage Extensions, Click on disable button which will temporarily remove plugin from Chrome Browser.

Manage Chrome Extensions

Removing Extensions In Chrome:

Removing Extensions is very easy in Chrome. You can directly go to Manage Extensions by clicking on Extensions icon or from Control Chrome (3 dots) click on More Tools and then Extensions, which will direct you to the same page. Click on Remove button under specific plugin to permanently delete the Extension in Chrome.

Remove Extension in Chrome

In Conclusion, We can Add and Manage Extensions in Chrome easily and improve the browser functionality. Meanwhile if you find any most useful extension in Chrome Web Store, Please comment below.

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