How to Convert JPG to PDF using Microsoft Office

We all use Microsoft Office tools as Word, Excel, PowerPoint to complete the work whether it is personal or professional. And Moreover, we may come across converting any of these files to PDF. However, most of us rely on third party tools or other online converters to change the format. But, in this article, you will learn How to Convert JPG or image or any other file to PDF using Microsoft Office.

You do not need to use any online tools to convert a JPG to PDF. Instead, using Microsoft Office which is more reliable, you can easily convert any file without any format issues.

Further, you can minimize the tasks of uploading file to third party sites and converting to PDF and again downloading.

4 Ways to Convert JPG to PDF using Microsoft Office:

Firstly, you need to have Microsoft Office installed on your PC or Laptop. Further, you do not need to install any other plugins or applications. In addition, Let’s discuss the 4 easy ways to convert JPG to PDF using Microsoft office tools.

Using Microsoft Print to PDF:

Microsoft Print lets You to convert JPG to PDF easily. Likewise, Microsoft Office supports various file formats as dox, excel (xls), PDF, PPT and more. Although, it does not have any tool for PDF creation, but you can convert any file as JPG into PDF using Microsoft print. Further, lets follow below steps to convert a JPG to PDF.

Step 1: Open the file folder where the image or picture is saved on your PC or Laptop. Then, Select an image or all the images which you want to convert to PDF. You can select more than one image and while converting it to PDF they are created as multiple pages.

Select images from folder

Step 2: In addition, right click on your mouse and you will see the list of options. Further, select Print from the options, which will open a Print Pictures dialog box asking How do you want to print your Pictures?

Click on Print

Step 3: At the same time, check whether the printer option is selected as Microsoft Print to PDF by default. If not, change the printer to Print to PDF from the list.

Click on Print

Step 4: Further, Select the size of the image before converting it to PDF. Click on Print button, Then it will ask you to save the file. You can select folder to save the file by providing a name and then click on save.

Save the file to convert

Finally, your JPG or image file will be converted and saved as PDF.

Convert Using Microsoft Word:

Microsoft Word or WinWord is most popular Office tool, which we use regularly to edit or create documents. Further, we can use it to convert JPG or image to a PDF file. Unlike Microsoft Print to PDF, using Word you can properly edit the background, spacing, and width and height of your image before converting. Moreover, you can adjust the sequence and their alignment using Microsoft Word.

In addition, let’s follow the below steps to add Images to Word document and convert them into PDF file:

Step 1: Firstly, open a Blank Word document from Microsoft Office tools. Click on Insert menu and from illustrations section, select Pictures from This device:

Click on Pictures

Step 2: Further, select the images or pictures to add them to word document. Click on Insert button to finish adding pictures.

Click on Insert Button

Step 3: After adding pictures to word document, meanwhile adjust the image borders, alignment and sequence by moving each image to new page. By doing this, your PDF file will show each image as a separate page.

Align images properly

Step 4: In addition, click on File menu and you will see different options. Click on Save As which will ask you to select a folder to save the converted file. Moreover, After selecting the folder, A popup Save As window will ask you provide the name for a file. At the same time you can change the file format from doc to PDF.

Change File Type and click on Save

Finally, by clicking on Save button, your image in Doc will be converted to PDF.

Convert Using PowerPoint:

Likewise, Microsoft Word you can convert JPG to PDF using Microsoft PowerPoint with lot more options. Moreover, You can perfectly edit your image using PowerPoint tools and convert it to PDF. Further, lets see the steps to convert images to PDF using PPT:

Step 1: Open a Blank PowerPoint presentation, and make sure to select Layout as Blank from the Slides section. Besides, click on Insert menu and from Images section, select Pictures from This device.

Click on Pictures to add

Step 2: Unlike Microsoft word, if you select multiple images to Insert, then PowerPoint will merge all of them into one and display as single image.

Further, select single image or picture each time to add and create new slide for every other image. Click on Insert button to finish adding pictures.

Click on Insert

Step 3: After adding pictures to PowerPoint, you can adjust the image and also add custom themes. Certainly, PowerPoint best suites for Landscape images, instead of dragging images and changing the page size in Microsoft word. You can use PowerPoint for all your pictures.

Align the images to fit as Slide

Step 4: Further, click on File menu and select Save As. In addition, it will ask you to select a folder to save the converted file. Select a folder and a popup Save As window will ask you give the name to your file. In the same window, change the file format from doc to PDF.

Click on Save to Convert

Above all, Click on Save button, and your image in PowerPoint Presentation will be converted to PDF File.

Convert Using Microsoft Office Mobile App:

Microsoft has developed a mobile version app for its users to access Office tools from any Mobile at anytime. Further, by installing Microsoft Office and linking your account on your mobile, you can access all your files easily. Further, Office app provides various tools as PDF, Media, Notes and Other Forms.

In addition, you can convert image to text or table by taking pictures from your mobile camera. And it also has different converter tools, using you can easily convert different file types.

Follow the below steps to download Microsoft Office App and convert JPG to PDF:

Step 1: Firstly, download and install the Microsoft Office App for your Android or iOS mobile from Google Play Store or App Store. Further, Open the Office app to convert JPG to PDF.

Microsoft Office App

Step 2: You can connect your Microsoft account to access all your files from Mobile device. Click on Actions, and you will see different tools then select Pictures to PDF from Do more with PDF’s section.

Click on Pictures to PDF

Step 3: Further, select images from gallery and click on Done to convert. You can share the image directly as converted file or save it as PDF on your device. Click back button to save the JPG as PDF on your device.

Click on Done and Save

Step 4: Select the a folder where you want to save the file and click on Save button.

Click on Save

Above all, you can access the converted JPG File from the selected folder on your Mobile.

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