How to Convert PPT to PDF Online and Offline (Free)

Converting any Microsoft file to PDF is very easy. In this article you will learn the different ways to convert PPT to PDF Online and Offline. Most of the times, due to data manipulation or other format reasons we need to change the file type from Word, Excel and PowerPoint PPT to PDF.

Above all, many of us know converting files to PDF using online tools is just a piece of cake. But not every time, if you are working on official tasks and need to convert files to PDF. Due to some security reasons you may not be allowed to use online converter tools or you may not be provided with access. However, there are many other ways to convert PPT easily to PDF without using online tools.

What are the different ways to convert PPT to PDF?

We can convert PowerPoint to PDF using both Online and Offline tools. And moreover it depends on the user which one works best for him/her. However, we found no change whether it is using Online converter tools or Offline. For instance most of the users Convert a PPT to PDF online and update some missing or additional information to actual PPT file and again convert that updated file to PDF. Along with learning different ways, let us also learn how to reduce rework below:

How to convert PPT to PDF Offline?

There are two ways to convert PPT to PDF offline. Firstly, there wont be any change in the format of data. However, the only change will be the file type. Secondly, there will be no difference converting PPT online or offline. Most of the users, have no idea about the offline conversion of any file. And use Online methods to change the format of file, but when a user does not have internet connection or does not have access to these online tools then the offline methods would be helpful, let us learn what all ways we can follow to convert PPT to PDF offline.

Using File Save Method

It is one of the most easy way to convert PPT file to PDF. Using File Save method anyone can change the file type whether it is a word document, excel work book or PowerPoint PPT. Microsoft provides users to save file into different formats as Docx, XLS, XLSX, PPTX and many more. Open the PowerPoint PPT file which needs to be converted and click on File button. Select Save As option and choose the destination folder where the file needs to be saved. Then on Save As window popup change the “Save as type” from PowerPoint Presentation to PDF. Further Go to the destination folder and you will see the PPT converted to PDF.

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Using Microsoft Office App

Microsoft Office App is the best way to use Word, Excel, Note and PowerPoint files on Mobile. Certainly, many mobiles have inbuilt Google version of files as Google Docs, sheets and Presentation. However, Microsoft Office App is developed by Microsoft team to provide users with mobile version. This App has interface similar to Desktop version. And It supports more than what we do from PC, Let us not go in detail about it. But we learn how we can use this App to convert PPT to PDF. On a high level, you can connect the files on Desktop or PC with this APP using Microsoft account. Just by logging in all your desktop files are available on mobile.

Similarly, using this app you can scan an image or any file and convert it into Word, Excel or PPT. In current desktop version we dont see PDF features. To clarify Microsoft Office App supports PDF and have direct conversion tools. In addition, you do not need to search for online tools based on the type of file. Instead, using this app you can convert any document into PDF.

Log in using Microsoft account, check all the files available on app. Go to Actions then select “Document to PDF” and select PPT file, It will automatically convert file to PDF and ask you to save in any destination folder.

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How to Convert PPT to PDF Online?

We can convert PowerPoint PPT to PDF using Online tools. But sometimes when we need to convert a confidential file to PDF and there are some trust issues, on which site provides the secure conversion with out any data breach and damage to actual file. There are two ways, using which we can change a PPT to PDF.

Using Online Tools

Based on the service and other considerations Small PDF is one of the trust worthy site to convert files online. It provides different services to convert any file whether it is Word, Excel, PowerPoint to PDF or from PDF to other formats. This site also lets user to e-sign on PDF without changing file type. Usually Adobe Acrobat Reader is one of the leading PDF software, however to edit or e-sign. A User needs to buy Adobe pro. But from Small PDF site you can do more than converting files.

Go to Small PDF website and choose PPT to PDF, select file folder by clicking on Choose Files drop down. Then automatically the file gets converted to PDF and clicking on download button, will let you save the file on local storage.

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Using Extension or Plugin

This method of converting files to PDF will help users, who regularly use converter tools. Firstly, if you do not want to waste time in searching which tool provides the best features and quality. Secondly, based on file type we search on google or any other search engines as Convert Word to PDF, Convert PPT to PDF. Instead of searching every time you can add an extension or plugin to your browser. Let us learn how to add an extension for chrome Browser.

Go to Chrome Web Store and search for Small PDF then click on “Add to Chrome“. And it will directly get added as Chrome plugin.

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After adding you can pin the icon to Chrome search bar. And every time by clicking on icon you will see different tools.


Based on the requirement, select conversion option and you are redirected to particular site of Small PDF. The second benefit of adding an extension is, any document you view online can easily be converted directly with Tools option.

In Conclusion based on the requirement you can use any method for converting PPT or any files to PDF. Meanwhile, if you find any other way of changing file formats please comment below.

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