How to Download Mozilla Firefox Latest Version for PC

Mozilla Firefox is a free and open source web browser developed by Mozilla Community in 2004. Firefox supports multiple platforms as Windows, mac OS and Linux and also different languages. Moreover, you can download Firefox on your Android or iOS Mobile device from Google Play or App Store. Unlike other browsers, Mozilla Firefox collects very little data and you do not need to provide any details or mail address to download Mozilla Firefox on PC or other devices.

In addition, Firefox provides the best browser protection and security by blocking third party tracking cookies by default. Certainly, for most of the Browsers we need to add third party extensions or plugins to block ads or other social trackers. However, Firefox has inbuilt features to block trackers and auto-play ads.

Steps to Download Mozilla Firefox Latest Version:

Further, By Downloading Firefox on your PC or Laptop, you can experience the best and Fast browsing without allowing other sites to collect your data. In the same way, you can create a free Firefox account and customize the browser and sync data across all your devices easily.

You can download Firefox on both PC and Mobile devices and sync bookmarks, passwords. In addition, You can download Firefox for your PC, whether it is Windows, mac OS or Linux by following below steps:

Steps to Download Firefox:

Step 1: Firstly, open any browser from your PC and search for Mozilla Firefox Download or click here to navigate to Firefox Download page.

Note for Newly purchased PC users, You can open default or pre-installed web browser from your PC or Laptop to download Firefox.

Mozilla Firefox Download Page

Step 2: Click on Download Firefox button and then a Firefox installer will be downloaded on your PC.

Firefox Installer

Step 3: After downloading the Firefox Installer. Further, to start the installation process, click or open Installer from Downloads folder.

Firefox Installation progress

Above all, After the installation is complete, Click on Mozilla Firefox Icon displayed on your desktop screen. Then Firefox browser will open and you will be directed to setup page.

Setup Firefox Browser on your PC:

There are two steps to setup Firefox browser after Installing on your PC or Laptop. Firstly, Firefox will ask you to import Bookmarks or favorites from your previous browser. If you do not have any bookmarks or favorites you can click on Not now link to skip and continue.

Firefox Bookmarks Import

Secondly, you can choose different Themes to personalize your Browser. Choose any theme to continue or click on Not now. Further, you can change browser lookup anytime from the settings.

Choose any theme

Further, to customize Firefox browser you can add Extensions and enhance the browser. To download Add-ons or plugins, Click on settings icon displayed on Browser home page. And then, select Extension & Themes from right side menu bar. Moreover, you will be able to see basic add-ons and by clicking on Find more add-ons buttons you will be taken to Firefox Browser Add-ons screen.

Above all, you can also access other products as Firefox Lockwise, Firefox Monitor and Firefox Send apart from Browser.

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