How to enable cookies in Google Chrome on PC?

Almost everyone have experience working with browsers as Chrome, Safari, Firefox or others. Moreover, we often use any of them to search or to know about anything. Ever wonder, how a browser will show relevant results? And the suggestions in search bar before even entering the complete query? To clarify, Browsers use cookies to improve user experience while searching for anything online. In this article, you will learn How to enable Cookies in Google Chrome on PC? And also other suggestions to secure user data.

Most of the users confuse that enabling cookies in browser is risky and can damage their PC or other devices. Firstly, cookies are meant to store user data or preferences, and they does not infect your device or carry viruses. Most importantly as a user you can control them from your browser settings.

Enable Cookies in Google Chrome:

Before enabling Cookies in Google Chrome, lets learn what are cookies and why we need to use them. Cookies are the data storage agents, which lets the user to get the most relevant results while searching online. And also by saving their preferences. Whenever a user searches for anything from a browser these cookies will store the data and the user interactions.

In addition, when you search for something online from Chrome or other browsers. These browsers will store search query and the results generated and the interactions with results. And In future if you try to search for same or related query. Then the browser will understand and show you the previous viewed results.

Above all, Is using cookies in chrome will help or cause damage to PC? Firstly, enabling cookies can help user for getting better results and suggestions. However, using them on third party or distrusted websites can cause damage. Moreover, it is difficult to find out what are distrusted sites by our own. But we can avoid them by properly setting cookies in our browser. Further, lets follows the below steps on how to enable cookies in Google Chrome by securing user data.

Steps to Enable Cookies:

Step 1: Firstly, Open Chrome browser from your PC and then click on Settings, which will take you to Chrome settings screen.

Click on Settings

Step 2: In Chrome Settings screen you will see different settings as General and advance to control your browser. Moreover, Scroll down to Privacy and Security section from the same screen.

Scroll down to Privacy section

Step 3: From Privacy and Security Section you can control Browser data, Cookies and other security options. Then, Click on Cookies and other site data which will take you to Cookies settings screen.

Cookies Settings

Above all, In General Cookies Settings, you will see 3 major settings which will let you control and secure data. Firstly, Enabling Allow all Cookies will give access to save your data on all sites irrespective of secured or unsecured. Further, your Username or Passwords are stored and can be used by other sites. Re-think before enabling this option as it may be too risky to share your data and passwords with unknown sites.

Likewise, we have Block third-party cookies in Incognito which blocks third party or distrusted sites to access your Incognito data from cookies. Moreover, Incognito is the third person mode provided by Chrome browser, which helps to browse as a unknown user.

Mostly importantly, By Enabling Block third-party cookies will deny the distrusted or unsecured sites to access your data. These 3 settings are related and you can enable any one of them. But we suggest you to enable Block third-party cookies for secure and safe search. Further, Read below for more suggestions on securing data.

Securing Data after enabling cookies:

Above all, the question After Blocking third-party cookies is my browser secured from distrusted sites? Partially Yes, and it completely depends on you. Enabling the settings to block, will prevent direct access of your data by third-party sites. However, these sites will manually ask you to allow cookies to view the search results.

Further, the other way to secure your data is by clearing browser data and cookies. You can clear cookies stored automatically from Cookies settings screen as below.

Clear cookies automatically

By enabling Clear cookies button, you can automatically clear data and cookies when you close the browser. To clarify, all your data including passwords will be removed from storage.

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