How to Recover Deleted History on Mozilla Firefox

While working with any browser, we may need to clear history and cache for smooth and efficient functioning. Moreover, deleting history, cookies and browser cache is the best practice to avoid data leakage and violation. However, sometimes we may delete history which contains favorite site information and not sure how to recover. So, this article is all about how you can recover the deleted history on your Mozilla Firefox.

Certainly, most of the browsers provide options to delete history, cache and cookies by single click. Further, it protects users information as passwords and reduces the risk of sharing.

Above all, By creating favorites and bookmarks you can avoid the loss takes place by deleting history. And it also lets you access from the menu bar.

Further, let’s see the steps to recover the deleted history on Mozilla Firefox.

Recover Deleted History on Mozilla Firefox:

Mozilla Firefox or other browsers does not store any user information on their database. Especially, when a user deletes history, it will be permanently deleted. Further, You can recover the history or information of your browser from PC or Laptop drive.

In other words, every application or software which is downloaded and installed on PC or any device will create a space to add supporting files or other information. Likewise, by accessing the device drive you can recover the deleted history.

In addition, we need to download an application called Recuva, which lets you recover the deleted history. Recuva is a popular and free file recovery software by CCleaner. Before downloading the App, you need to change the File driver settings on your PC or Laptop to unhide the Application files. Further, follow below steps to unhide the app files and recover the history.

Steps to Unhide the Files:

Step 1: Firstly, Open File Explorer on your windows PC. And click on File menu then you will be able to see different file navigation options.

Click on File Menu

Step 2: In the same way, Click on Options or Change Folder and search options. Then, you will see the Folder options window opened.

Folder Settings window

Step 3: Finally, click on View menu on Folder window and advanced settings for Folders will be displayed. Then, select Show hidden files, folders and drives from the Hidden files and Folder section.

Select Show hidden files

In addition, click on Apply and ok buttons to change the settings of your Folder or driver.

Download Recuva to restore History:

In the meantime, to recover deleted history we need to download Recuva. Further, it lets us to restore the data from the App data stored on driver. Follow the below steps to download and recover the history:

Step 1: Firstly, open any browser, and search for Download Recuva CCleaner or click here, which will take you to Recuva page. Further, Click on Download Free version.

Click on Download Free Version

Step 2: In addition to the above, you will see three different packages based on features. From the options displayed select Free download button which provides the advanced file recovery features. A Free version will allow you to restore the information.

Click on Free download

Step 3: After clicking on Free download, you will be taken further to download page. Click on Download button to continue.

click on Download

Step 4: By clicking on download you will be directed to file setup page. Click Save File then all the supported files will be downloaded.

click on Save File

Step 5: Click on Recuva installer then a window with install button will be displayed. Further, click on Install and Recuva will be installed on your device.

Click on Install

Steps to Recover the deleted History:

Step 1: After installing, you need to click on Run to recover files. In addition, a Welcome wizard will open and click next to continue.

Click on Run Recuva

Step 2: In the same way, select All Types option from File Type list. Then, click Next, which will further take you to File selection.

Select All Files button

Step 3: Above all, select file location as In a Specific location. As we have changed the settings initially to unhide Application files. Now you will be able to select all the files to recover the history.

Select File Location

Step 4: Further, browse the location as C Folder then Users and select user name and App Data (It is the hidden file now displayed).

From App Data select Roaming, In the same folder you will see all applications. Search for Mozilla and select the path then click on Next.

Click on Next

Step 5: Finally, by clicking on Start, the process of recovering will be initiated.

Click on Start

After the completion of recovery, you will see all the deleted data and files on Recuva app.

Recovered Data

Consequently, you can save the restored data on your drive and access from your Mozilla Firefox.

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