Compress PDF – How to reduce PDF file size?

Reducing file size has made necessary while working with submissions or transferring online. Moreover, File size plays an important role in cloud or server storage. In this article you will learn How to reduce PDF size? and Compress PDF using different methods.

Certainly many online sites indirectly ask for compressing or reducing PDF size by providing a limit for file size or type. If the PDF size is more than the limit, then we will not be able to submit or transfer the file. These limitations are provided to control the server storage. Every server will have certain storage space allocated. Therefore, to overcome the load on server many organizations limit the file size.

Compress PDF File

There are different methods to Compress PDF using online or offline tools. Reducing PDF size does not lower the quality of text or images, instead the data is recreated to decrease the bits of storage. Most of us depends on online tools to reduce the PDF size, however there are two more methods which helps a user who feels using online sites is not trustworthy. Further, compressing a file which has confidential information will restrict any one to use online tools. As the risk of loosing or sharing data online is very high. In such case we need to follow secured methods to reduce PDF size. However, Below are the different methods which allows you to compress PDF file size.

Using Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe Acrobat Reader is one of the best software for PDF’s. In other words many professionals use Adobe PDF reader, to Create, Fill & e-sign, Compress and to Convert different files as Word, Excel and PowerPoint PPT to PDF on a regular basis. Adobe Reader provides users with Desktop and Mobile versions, That is to say, Mobile App is available on Google Play and App Store for Android and iOS devices.

Further to use Adobe PDF as Desktop application, we need to download the software by select Free or Pro version based on the requirement. To clarify a Free version of Desktop App only allows user to read PDF, and all other features as converting, compressing and editing are only available on a Pro version. If you are a regular user, who works on PDF’s then Adobe PDF Pro is recommended.

In addition, after installing app on Desktop, open Adobe PDF Reader and click on File to open PDF which needs to be compressed. After opening the PDF click on file menu and select Compress file.

Adobe PDF Compressor

Further a Mobile version of Adobe PDF not only allows user to Read, but also to Comment and Fill & Sign which are Pro features on Desktop app. Moreover a Mobile app has Scan to PDF feature which lets user to scan any image, document and directly convert it into a PDF.

Adobe Reader Mobile App

Using Online PDF Compress Tools

Firstly, there are many number of online tools which lets you to reduce the PDF file size. Secondly, they provide easy access and are free to use. When it is regarding potential security of file compressing, we need to do some research before using them. Above all, uploading confidential files to online sites without any knowledge, on how the information is used or stored is too risky. In this post we are using Small PDF tools as an example to compress PDF. We have worked with this site many times to reduce file size and to convert files to PDF.

Small PDF provides many tools as to Convert, Compress, Edit and Protect files easy and for free. Similarly, Go to Small PDF site and click on Compress PDF tool and Choose file to compress and by selecting free size option, it will automatically reduce the file size. Click on download to save compressed PDF to local storage.

Online PDF Compress Tool

Using Browser Extension

Using Browser Extension is the best and quick way of working with files. Certainly, searching for best tools to Compress PDF or other files every time is hard and time taking. Moreover, Adding an extension could help accessing tools just by a click. Above we have learned about Using Online tools, and most of them also provides browser extensions. For the same example above, for Small PDF, we can add an extension to browser. For any browser Chrome, Safari search for file extension on Browser Web Store.

Further, Select the PDF which needs to be compressed and open with Browser, as the extension is already added to the browser. You could see all the PDF options as Compress, Convert, Edit and Protect. Click on Compress it automatically reduces the file size and makes available for download. By clicking download you could save the compressed PDF to local.

To sum up, using tools based on the requirement and security is the best way. Meanwhile if you find any other useful methods, Please comment us below.

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