How to Reinstall Google Play Store App on Android

As an Android user, we mostly depend on Google Play Store for downloading various Apps, Games and other media. Further, Play Store allows users to download secured applications and is the most reliable and trusted platform. At the same time, every Application will undergo some or the other challenges. Likewise, we may see issues with Google Play Store App installed on Android device. In this article, you will learn how to resolve the issues and reinstall the Google Play Store App on Android.

Reinstall Google Play Store on Android Device:

Consequently, there are two ways we need to think whenever an application stops working. Firstly, is the issue related to external factors as downtime or due to back end patching. However, You can get more information by visiting the Application site. In such case, as a user we cannot do anything apart from reaching out to support team.

Secondly, when your device is not properly upgraded or due to internal changes. Some applications will stop working and cause compatibility issues.

In case of Google Play Store app, if there is any issue related to external factors or servers. Google will definitely inform you through mail linked to your play store account. Further, it was never reported that Google Play Store stopped working due to external errors and the chances are very minimal as Google will never want to allow such issues.

Above all, let’s discuss about the compatibility issues. There are several factors as Cache, Storage and device security which may cause issues while working with Google Play Store app. For a quick resolution you need to uninstall and reinstall the Google Play Store App. Further, lets see the steps to reinstall the app on Android device.

Steps to restore the Play Store:

Step 1: Firstly, you need to uninstall the Google Play Store App from your Android device. In the same way, Go to Settings and Click on Apps and Notifications to view all the information related to apps installed on your device.

Click on Apps and Notifications

Step 2: Search for Google Play Store and click on the app for more options. Further, click on Disable or Uninstall button to delete Google Play Store.

Google Play Store will be uninstalled

In addition, you will not be able to locate the app as Google Play Store is deleted from your Android device.

Step 3: Further, to reinstall the Play Store App. Go to Settings and Apps and Notifications. Search for Google Play Store, even you delete the app from your device. You will find the Play Store app information in the App info.

Click on Google Play Store

In case, you do not find the Play Store App in the App Info. Open any browser from your device and search for Google Play Store. In addition, you will find various sites which help you with the link to download the App. For most of the Android devices, it is a preinstalled app and even the user disables or uninstall the app it will be displayed in the App info.

Step 4: Click on Google Play Store and then on Enable button. Moreover, Google Play Store will be reinstalled on your Android device and will be available to use.

Google Play Store Reinstalled

Finally, check whether the issue is resolved by opening Play Store App. All issues related to compatibility and cache should be resolved by reinstalling the app.

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