How to reset password on gmail? Gmail Password Reset

Gmail is one of the most popular mail service around the world, and has more than 1.5 billion users. Google has launched Gmail in 2004 and has developed on several aspects till date. Many of us use Gmail as the common ID, which also serves as Google Account ID to create or Signup with other applications. Moreover, there are thousands of third party applications which use Gmail or Google account as their gate way to signup. Above all, In this article you will learn How to reset password on Gmail and other ideas on securing your account and recover if forgot password.

Reset Password on Gmail:

Changing passwords on regular intervals is the best practice to secure your data stored on any application. It is highly necessary to secure the Gmail account due to large number of mails and may contain confidential data. Subsequently, most of the applications integrated with Gmail or Google account sends confirmation mails before completing any action. In Addition for the best use of any Personal application it is very important to reset password after specific period of time.

You can change Gmail Password from any device whether it is Mobile,iPad and Desktop or PC.

Change password From Mobile Devices:

Google provides Gmail app for mobile or iPad users. In Addition, most of the mobiles have inbuilt Gmail app installed or you can download it from Google Play or App Store for your Android or iOS devices. Subsequently, you can Sign in to Gmail using your account id or Google id and follow the below steps to reset:

Step 1: Firstly, Click on Menu icon beside search bar and scroll down to select Settings. Secondly, click on Settings to select the account for which you want to change the password. In case if you have linked your device with more than one Gmail or Google account. Then you will see a list of all your linked accounts displayed under settings.

Gmail Settings

Step 2: From the displayed account id select specific account to view more details. Click on Manage your Google Account option, and check all the details like Personal info, subscriptions and Security displayed on Google Account.

Google Account
Manage Google Account

Step 3: Further, from Google Account, Navigate to Security tab and click on Password. Provide your current password then you will be directly navigated to Change Password Screen.

Change Password

Select the best password for your Gmail or Google Account and confirm the same and click on Change Password button. After changing the password, You will be navigated to Security Checkup screen, to view all devices linked to your account and recovery options.

Reset Gmail password From Desktop or PC:

Unlike Mobile or iPad devices there is no Desktop App for Gmail. However, you can access Gmail from any browser and from any Operating system. Further any device connected with internet can access Gmail. Sign in using your Google or Gmail id or you can create one from the same page for Free. Follow the below steps to reset your Gmail password from Desktop or PC:

Step 1: Login to Gmail account and click on Setting Icon displayed on header section. And Click on See all Settings button to view more details.

Gmail Settings from PC

Step 2: From Settings page click on Accounts and Import tab to view all Google Account related settings. Under Change Account settings sections click on Change Password. Further you can Change Password recovery options and other account settings by clicking on specified text links.

Settings Change Password

Step 3: By clicking on Change password you will be directed to Google Sign in page. Use your current password and you will be continued to password Reset Page. Select Best password and confirm the same and click on Change password button.

Reset Gmail Password

In addition, After changing your password you will be navigated to Security Checkup page, where you can re-check the Devices linked to your current account and verify Recovery methods.

Password Recovery Options:

Google Account provides the users with different account Recovery methods, in case of forgot password. To recover your account and Reset the password, you can choose two methods 1. Using Mobile phone Number and 2. Another Google Account. You can add your account recovery details during the initial setup, And From the account setting menu above, you can change them anytime. In addition, After Changing your password following above steps you are navigate to Security Checkup page, which lets you to edit the Recovery options.

Recovery Methods

In Conclusion, Google Account provides users with best security and password management features. Using which you can check the linked devices, recover you account from different methods in case of forgot password.

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