How to Restart Mozilla Firefox Browser?

According to Global Internet Usage more than 59% of worlds population use Internet. In the same way, we have multiple Search engines and browsers which helps us to search for anything online. Similarly, most of us use these browsers based on the requirement and features it provides. However, while working with browser we may come across some or the other issues as slowness, browser crash and others. Besides, to resolve these issues the most common way is restarting your browser. Further, this article will help you to restart your Mozilla Firefox browser using different methods.

Restart Mozilla Firefox:

Whenever, we are working with browsers, it is recommended to restart or clear cache and cookies to increase the performance. In the same way, many browsers provide different options to restart. Firstly, it is important to know what are the options and which option works for you.

Above all, Most of the users try to close or quit the browser when it crashes or behaves strange. However, to avoid such issues we need to restart the browser at regular intervals. For Instance, you can quit the browser, but the issue will not be resolved permanently. Further, it may show up again and again if the browser it not properly updated or restarted.

In addition, to Restart Mozilla Firefox Browser we have two options, which are explained in detail below

1) Restart Normally:

This option of Restarting Mozilla Firefox will refresh the page by closing and reopening all of the tabs. You can quickly refresh the page by Restarting normally instead of closing the browser when it is not responding. In addition, it is the best feature as it won’t let you loose your existing tabs, after refreshing Firefox will re-open all your current tabs and you can continue working.

2) Restart by Disabling Add-ons:

To begin with, Restart by Disabling Add-ons will delete all the Add-ons or plugins installed on your Firefox Browser. Further, all the customization and browser settings will be deleted. This Option of Restarting Mozilla Firefox will reboot your browser completely. In case of browser crash or any other performance issues which still exists even after restarting can be resolved by removing add-ons and restarting browser.

Moreover, Add-ons or Plugins installed on your browser may create issues due to compatibility or other external factors. By removing and re-installing can solve the issue and increase the performance.

Different Ways to Restart Firefox:

Firstly, to perform any of the restarts with Firefox Browser there are 4 ways. In addition, Follow the steps to restart your Mozilla Firefox Browser.

Step 1: Open Mozilla Firefox from you PC or Laptop. In the meantime, From Homepage, click on Menu icon to view all the options.

Click on Help

Step 2: Subsequently, Scroll down and click on Help, which will further display Firefox Help options. From the list of options click on Restart with Add-ons disabled.

Click on Restart with add-ons Disabling

Step 3: Consequently, After clicking on Restart, you will see a confirmation popup asking are you sure you want to disable add-ons and restart?. Meanwhile, Click on Restart button to confirm.

Click on Restart

Step 4: Further, a popup of Firefox Safe mode will be displayed. At the same time, you will see two buttons as Start in Safe mode and Refresh Firefox. On the other hand, Click on Refresh Firefox which will restart your browser.

Click on Refresh Firefox

Step 5: Finally a popup with Refresh Firefox will be displayed. Further, click on Refresh Firefox Button which will restart by deleting Extensions or plugins and browser settings.

Click on Refresh Firefox

Method 2 – Using About Profiles:

Certainly, the second way of Restarting Firefox Browser is using About colon Profiles. This is the most easiest way to find Restart option and also the quick way to reboot your browser. Let’s follow the below steps to quickly restart Firefox.

Step 1: Open Firefox Browser, and type About colon Profiles (About: Profiles) and click on search.

Type About colon Profiles

Step 2: Subsequently, After clicking on search you will be taken to About Profiles page where you will find the options for Restart.

Click on Restart or Restart with add-ons Disabled

In addition, from Profiles page you can choose Restart or Restart with disabling add-ons.

Method 3 – Using About Restart Required:

The third most important way of Restarting Firefox using About keyword is:

Step 1: From Mozilla Firefox Browser, type About colon Restart Required. In fact, Make sure you type the words without any space as below.

Type About colon Restart Required

Step 2: Similarly, by clicking on search, you will be directed to Restart screen which shows a button to Restart Firefox. In the same way, click on the button and the Firefox will restart.

Click on Restart Firefox

Method 4 – From Trouble Shooting:

Above all, whenever there is an issue with any application we run trouble shoot to find out the factors causing the problem. Likewise, there is an option with Mozilla Firefox using you can restart the browser as below.

Step 1: Click to open Firefox Browser, then click on Menu to view options.

Click on Help from Menu

Step 2: Similar to Method one click on Help. But this time you need to click on Trouble Shooting Information.

Click on Trouble Shooting Information

Step 3: Simultaneously, By clicking on Trouble Shoot you will be taken to Support page, where you will see different Restart options as Refresh Firefox, Restart with Add-ons Disabled and Clear Setup Cache.

Firefox Trouble Shoot page

Finally, By clicking on Refresh Firefox, you will quick restart your browser without changing anything as cookies, history and other settings. On the other hand, if you select Restart with Add-ons Disable you will completely reboot your browser by deleting all the installed plugins. Meanwhile, Clear Cache will delete cache with cookies and increase the browser performance.

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