How to Save Photos in Google Drive from Any Device?

How to Save photos in Google Drive? In this Article you will learn how to use Google Storage as backup to save photos from any device. Creating a backup for any data is the smart idea, the risk of loosing is very high when it is stored on single device without any restoring backup. Due to spammers or damage to device sometimes we may loose important and confidential media. However, using Google Drive we can save photos or media as a backup from any device whether Android, Windows, Mac and iOS.

Above all, Google provides 15 GB of free space to every user to save photos, documents, videos and many other files as PDF, Excel and PowerPoint PPT. Subsequently accessing them from multiple devices just by using google account.

Save Photos to Google Drive:

Firstly, to Save photos or any other media on Google Drive we need to Create Google account. Moreover, without an account we will not be able to use google storage. You can create Free account with google and get your 15 GB of space immediately. For Mobile users it is easy, as without linking google account to their device, no one is allowed to use complete features. In addition for Android and iOS devices Google Drive is an inbuilt app for one click use.

How to Create Google Account?

For Mac or Windows users to create an account, open any browser and type Google and click on more apps (dots) then Create account. Complete the form with details as Username, Password and mail address. By clicking on next and create account, you will become a member of google. To clarify this account is useful to access all products of google whether it is Google drive, Gmail, YouTube and more.

Google Apps

For Mobile users an account with google is automatically created while installing the device for the first time. Certainly you can follow the same steps above to create account if you do not have.

Save From Mobile & iPad Devices:

Check whether your mobile device have Google Drive app, if not download it from Google Store or App Store. There are two ways of saving photos to Drive. Firstly, by manual selection of photos, which lets you to save selected photos or media by avoiding backing up of unnecessary files to drive. Secondly, by enabling automatic mode which saves all photos and media available on your device to drive using mobile internet or WiFi.

Manual Saving:

Go to Galley and select the photos you wish to save to drive. Then click on Share button and select “Save to Drive“. Provide the appropriate title and choose the account if you have multiple accounts with google to use as backup. Select folder and click on Save.


Further, Open Google drive app and check whether the selected photos are stored. To save Internet usage of your device this app has special feature to upload media using WiFi or by Mobile internet. By selecting Settings and changing Data usage option anyone can upload photos to drive using WiFi or by device Internet. If you wish to save using WiFi, still you can select photos in your gallery and share to drive anytime. All the media selected to save on Google drive, will be queued and uploaded when the device is connected to WiFi network.

Image Credit – Apps Monkey

Enabling Auto-Save:

Using this feature on Google Drive App you can save photos or any other files from your device automatically. It not only lets you to save photos, but also Notes, Documents, PDF and more. Further Open Google Drive app and click on Menu bar beside search box and select Settings. And you will be able to see Auto backup for Apps click on Backup and Reset option. Then enable the button Backup to Google Drive, all your photos and other media will be automatically saved to drive. To clarify, future photos and media are automatically stored in Google storage.

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But what about the photos currently saved on Mobile. Do we need to manually upload? No – Do manual save only when you wish to store specific photos. There is a backup option available under same settings, below enable button. Click Backup Now and then all your current photos and other media are saved to Google Drive.

Save From PC:

We dont have Desktop App of Google Drive whether it is Window or Mac. However, you can save photos and other folders using Web login. Open any browser and search for Google Drive. And click on Go to Drive, it will ask you to Select Google Account to login (if you dont have an account with google click here). After logging in, Click new to upload photos, Files and Folders to drive. You can directly choose the entire folder of photos to upload and save in Google drive.

Google Drive from PC

Once you save in Google Drive, you can access files or photos from any device using Google Account or Mail id.

Restoring Options:

When you delete photos from device or if there is any damage or loss of device. Further log into Google Drive and by clicking on download, you can save a copy of photos or files to your device again.

What if we permanently delete photos from drive? – If you accidentally delete photos or entire folder from drive permanently. Do not panic, however just by contacting Google Drive Support team and requesting for restoring permanently deleted photos or files would help.

In conclusion, We have provided our knowledge on working with Google Drive and shared our experiences as a post. Meanwhile if you find any other hosting service like Google comment us below.

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