How to use phone as webcam for Zoom, Skype or Meet?

Most of us use Webcams or built in PC camera for Video conferencing or chats from Laptop or PC. However, there are many issues related to low clarity of video and other resolution issues while using inbuilt camera or webcam. Further, a mobile or phone camera produces best clarity videos when compared with laptop camera or webcam. In addition, we can use phone camera as a webcam while working with video calls. And moreover, with other video conferencing apps like Google Meet, Zoom and Skype.

Further, In this article you will learn How to use your Phone camera as a wireless webcam?

Use Phone as webcam:

Firstly, there are different methods for connecting a phone camera to Laptop or PC to use as webcam. However, in this post we are going to discuss about Iriun Webcam, which is a most reliable and best webcam app. Iriun supports different platforms as Android, iOS, mac and Ubuntu. You can download Iriun webcam for Free, based on your operating system. Consequently, this app lets users to use Phone camera as wireless webcam. Further, follow below steps to Download Webcam app on your PC and Phone.

Steps to Download App on Laptop or PC:

Step 1: Firstly, search for Iriun Webcam from any browser or click here, which will take you to Iriun Webcam site. Then, click on Webcam for Windows or Webcam for mac or Webcam for Ubuntu buttons based on your PC or laptop operating system.

Webcam App Homepage

Step 2: After clicking on above Webcam for button it will download all supported files. Further, click to open and it will start installing Webcam app on your device.

Click on Finish

Certainly, after installing Webcam app on Laptop or PC we need to download the same app on mobile device. Likewise PC or laptop, Iriun Webcam also supports different mobile platforms. In addition, You can download Webcam app for your Android or iOS (iPhone) from Google Play and App Store.

Steps to Download Webcam app on Android or iPhone:

Step 3: Go to Google Play or App Store and search for Iriun Webcam and click on Install. Further, the app will be downloaded then click to open.

Click on Install

Further, After downloading and installing Webcam on PC and on Mobile phone. To use your phone as webcam you need to connect both devices on same network.

To clarify, Follow the below steps to configure or connect your Phone with Laptop or PC without wire.

Connecting Phone camera to Laptop or PC:

Firstly, Connect your PC or laptop and mobile device to same WiFi network. Here, WiFi acts as a wireless medium or as server between your phone and laptop. In addition, check whether the phone camera is connected to your PC or laptop by opening Iriun Webcam app on both the devices.

Using Phone as Webcam in Zoom Conference:

Zoom has become one of the most popular video conferencing platform. It has more than 300 million users, who connect daily for learning, Official meetings and for other reasons. Moreover, Iriun Webcam supports Zoom and other third party Video conferencing apps without any account creation or integration.

After connecting your phone to Laptop using webcam app, subsequently Click on Zoom app to open. Before Starting your conference, you need to change the settings for using Webcam app instead of Laptop camera or external webcam. Further, to change settings click on arrow icon near Video image to view more options. Then, Select Iriun webcam option from the displayed camera options. Or you can change the camera from Video settings.

Select Iriun Webcam

Using Webcam for Skype Conference calls:

Skype is one of the most popular Instant messaging and Video calling app. It is used as official messaging platform where corporate employees and other Business people use to share their work. In addition, Skype is one of the Microsoft product, even though it is not created by Microsoft but has improved on various aspects till date. Using Skype you can do Audio only and Video calls. Further Skype is most reliable and secured app.

To Use phone as webcam for your Skype conference calls, open Skype app from laptop or PC. Moreover, Log in using Microsoft account id and change camera options by selecting Iriun webcam.

Change Camera
Using Phone camera for Google Meet:

Google meet an online conference room where many professionals share their thoughts and conduct video meet daily. Unlike Zoom or Skype, Meet is a web application. Google meet directly supports using phone as webcam to your laptop or PC. You have two options to use phone as webcam with google meet one is using Meet app from Android app and the other is Iriun Webcam app.

Further, Downloading Google Meet app on Mobile device will let you to use phone camera as webcam. You can switch to different cameras while conferencing in Google meet.

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