Most Downloaded Apps on Play store

What are the most Downloaded Apps on Play store? Here, this article is all about what all apps we must use and why are they most downloaded by users.

Whenever we need an app for particular need, we just go to Google Play store and search any random app and download which feels best. Most of the times we go by suggestions or by brand reputation. Many of us check the number of downloads and Reviews, actually It is recommended. There is an app, developed by highly reputed company, but it has very few downloads and Average reviews. so every time it is not necessary that an app created by reputed or good company could work. This post lets you know what are the all time and Most Downloaded apps on play store.

Top 10 Most Downloaded Apps on Play store

Here are the most downloaded apps for all Android devices from Google Play Store.

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Snapchat has 1+ Billion users and more than 25 Million provided their reviews on play store as the best app to use. It is the one of the popular messaging app and beyond text message. This is to say, using Snapchat you can do video chat and create groups where you can share your ideas and thoughts. Likewise Facebook and WhatsApp where you can make friends and memories. It also has Map feature where you can share locations and create friend profile. Tired using Facebook or WhatsApp just try Snapchat by clicking above.


This is the most secured Messaging app and used by more than 400 million users. Most importantly if you want to share any file or message securely, Telegram app is the best choice. It is a Multi device app, where your messages are encrypted and stored securely and there is no risk of data loss. You will be able to access the data from any device. Telegram is more than an messaging app, it lets you to share media files of any format (Doc X, Mp3, ZIP etc). It has features to edit photos and videos and an ad free app.

In Conclusion, it lets you to create groups, share content and there are specific groups, which you can subscribe and share photos, videos and much more. Telegram app provides the secured chats with AES encryption. There is no limit for number of messages or number of members you add to group. No Specific storage allotment, mean your messages does not take space on you mobile or any device they are stored on cloud and you can access them anytime securely.


KineMaster, a most downloaded and free Video editing app for Android devices. It has all the features as combining multiple videos, images and adding filters, special effects. Certainly, without any Desktop or Laptop you could be able to edit videos and download or export with best quality from your Android device. Firstly, this app wont make you compromise on quality of video you create or edit. As a user you will be able to use all the features but unless you subscribe for Pro version it wont allow you to remove water mark.


Who does not want to edit pics, Most of the mobiles have best mega pixels camera. Using PicsArt you can customize you photos adding filters and stickers. It also lets user to erase background and create new from millions of free images available. PicsArt is more than a photo editor, it has Video editor, Collage maker and a drawing tool. You can customize using different filters, drawing on pics adding special backgrounds. Above all PicsArt has 1+ Billion users and most download app by Android users.


Pinterest is one of the best platform, which lets user to share content in the form of images. Moreover bloggers, YouTuber’s and business persons use Pinterest for promotions. Create free account and choosing the board which you are interested in, makes you to get information or updates. Turn ideas into most attractive images and share them on board where millions of user get to see your creative image and click to know more about it. Pinterest has become one of the social medium to share or promote content and ideas, and is the most downloaded app by Android users.

To sum up using Chrome Extension it has become more easy to add or pin your images, just by a click on image and pin button you could directly share it to audience.

YouTube Kids

YouTube is the most popular streaming app, We use it daily to check on videos for entertainment or to learn new things. Even kids are exposed to this app to watch rhymes and cartoons. But there is no parental control over the actual app, due to best promoting features YouTube allows user to get more content, if one specific video is liked or watched. YouTube Kids is a similar version of YouTube specifically design for Kids with parental control.

This app limits the usage of watching by screen timer, A parent can control this app setting what content to display and a kid should watch based on age limitations and approvals.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

We all know about PDF’s and also how difficult to access them from Mobile and other devices apart from Desktops or Laptops. Firstly, Adobe Acrobat Reader is the Android version of app which lets you read PDF’s like we do on PC. With this app you can download the PDF from mail attachment and can read and modify it. Secondly Adobe provides a cloud storage where users can create free account and access PDF to edit for digital signature. It has similar features as desktop version.

AZ Screen Recorder

AZ Screen recorder app is the high quality screen recorder for Android, you can capture the screen with a quality of 1080P, 12Mbps and 60FPS with no limits of recording. Using this app you can record videos running on your device with internal sound and Games on Full HD. AZ provides best features to record game play and enable front camera and also supports Video editor and Live streaming.

Users who wants to share their device screen on YouTube channel or any other social platform can easily live stream using AZ. It also has image editors and Screen shot option.

Home Workout

Not getting enough time to visit gym for physical exercises, in addition worried about fitness without a trainer. Home Workout is the best app which has virtual trainer who will help you get fit by giving suggestions and supporting with different exercises. It is the app which provides fitness exercises tips and methods without equipment. Choosing specific training plan and following coach tips anyone can work on their body. Based on your body type and strength, you could choose Beginner, Intermediate or Advance levels. Home Workout app provides you with the best challenges by which you wont feel bored of doing single or same type of exercise all time.

Meanwhile you could see the progress of your training and number of calories reduced. This is the Virtual gym training app without using equipment and a most downloaded app on play store.


Quik is one of the best Free Video editor app, which can automatically customize the videos or photos added for editing. It also allows manual filters and other artistic features. If you dont want to adjust manually or not sure about what filters to use, Quik app will automatically adjust and add filters based on the improving quality feature. It lets you to create a professional styled videos. Create video or presentation by adding multiple photos and music. It has more than 100 million users and the most download app on play store.

Using Quik app you could directly post videos created on HD quality to Instagram, Facebook or on other social sites. Adding themes, text anyone can turn images with music into a useful presentation.

Meanwhile, if you find any app which needs to be on the top list, comment us below.

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    Well written!! Please make a list of top 10 most downloaded android mobile games. i am curious if pubg mobile will make to the list.


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